Sentence Examples

  • The immigration of Jews from Russia was mainly responsible for the ineffective yet oppressive Aliens Act of 1905.
  • The introduction of European immigrants dates from 1818 when a Swiss colony was located at Nova Friburgo, near Rio de Janeiro, and it was continued under the direction and with the aid of the imperial government down to the creation of the republic. Since then the state governments have assumed charge of immigration, and some of them are spending large sums in the acquisition of labourers.
  • Does illegal immigration take jobs from citizens?
  • During the great migrations in Asia from east to west many populations were probably driven to the northern borders of the great plateau and thence compelled to descend into Siberia; succeeding waves of immigration forced them still farther towards the barren grounds of the north, where they melted away.
  • There is a heavy Irish influence still present here since immigration began in the mid-1800s, with waves seeking refuge from the famine in Ireland, most notably the Irish pubs.