Sentence Examples

  • This pioneering work showed little development until about the middle of the 19th century.
  • His voluminous writings in philology, natural history, physics and mathematics often accordingly have a good deal of the historical interest which attaches to pioneering work, however imperfectly performed; otherwise they now take rank as curiosities of literature merely.
  • During these two years he became convinced that the success of the white missionary in a field like Africa was not to be reckoned by the tale of doubtful conversions he could send home each year - that the proper work for such men was that of pioneering, opening up and starting new ground, leaving native agents to work it out in detail.
  • On the traces of dragon and serpent myths in the Old Testament and their significance, see Gunkel, Schopfung and Chaos (1895) - a pioneering work of the highest merit - and Ency.
  • On early events of pioneering and colonization are: E.