Sentence Examples

  • Commercially available hummingbird food will often contain preservatives, flavoring agents, and nutritional additives, all of which are unnecessary and can sometimes cause illness in hummingbirds.
  • If you are considering a hummingbird tattoo and just want to try the image out first or if you only wish to capture it for a short time, consider one of the following instead.
  • While you're choosing a location for your tattoo, keep the following factors in mind: skin tone, visibility, size, nearby tattoos and color harmony.In general, hummingbird tattoo designs look great on shoulders, ankles, feet and tummies.
  • While beauty, love of nature and expression of joy are among the top reasons people choose hummingbird tattoo designs, this tiny bird packs a huge amount of irresistible symbolism as well.
  • The bright colors and ability to customize the color placement and size of the image makes body paint a great choice if you wish to create a temporary hummingbird image.