Animals That Start With X: Common and Scientific Names

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Updated May 27, 2021
xoloitzcuintle xolo mexican hairless dog
    xoloitzcuintle solo mexican hairless dog
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You can find a lot of different animals out there. However, getting a list of animals that start with "x" isn't as easy as you think. Explore a unique list of common and scientific animal names that begin with "x."

Common Animal Names That Start With X

Finding animals with names starting with "x" can be pretty hard. However, there are animal names out there beginning with this letter. See a few unique animals worldwide with a common name starting with "x."

  • Xanthippe’s shrew - mole found in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Xoloitzcuintli (show-low-eats-QUEENT-lee) - an ancient Aztec dog called a Xolo

Birds That Start With X

While common names of animals that start with "x" are a bit hard to find, you can find a few among birds. These include all different types of birds from around the world. Dive into a few common names of birds that start with “x."

xantus's hummingbird
    xantuss hummingbird baja california
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  • Xantus’ becard - known as rose-throated becard, medium-sized becard with a red throat
  • Xantus’s hummingbird - a colorful medium-sized hummingbird, found in Baja, California
  • Xantus’s murrelet - small black and white California sea bird
  • Xavier’s greenbul - green songbird found in tropical habitats
  • xeme - also called Sabine’s gull, a fork-tailed gull with gray and white feathers found in the arctic
  • Xinjiang ground-jay - small ground jay found in China, also known as Biddulph’s ground jay

Fish & Aquatic Names That Start With X

Fish might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of animals. But fish are the animals of the water. Review some fish and other aquatic animals with fun names starting with “x." A few of these get their name from their location in the Xingu River.

  • xantic sargo - also called California sargo, medium-sized bottom feeder fish
  • Xantus’ swimming crab - found in California, purple colored crab with unique legs
  • xeric ambersnail - snail with a thin shell found in the U.S.
  • xestus sabretooth blenny - a combtooth fish found in coral reefs
  • Xingu corydoras - spotted, tropical fish found in South America
  • Xingu River ray - polka-dotted stingray found in Xingu River
  • x-ray tetra - a small schooling fish with stripped fins found in the Amazon River

Reptiles & Amphibians That Start With X

By now, you probably realize that not all animals are furry or featured. Like fish, reptiles have a few animal names that start with “x." Explore this shortlist of unique "x" named reptiles.

  • Xantus leaf-toed gecko - gecko with unique splayed toes
  • Xolocalca bromeliad salamander - salamander found in Mexico
  • Xucaneb robber frog - also known as Craugastor xucanebi, frog native to Guatemala with a fleshy belly

Butterfly Names That Start With X

The list of names that start with "x" in the animal kingdom is pretty small. However, there are a few different butterflies you can include that have names beginning with “x."

  • Xami hairstreak - yellow and green butterfly with torn looking wings
  • Xeniades swallowtail - black butterfly with white and red spots on wings
  • Xenoclea longwing - black butterfly with large red spots on wings
  • Xenocrates leafwing - Amazon butterfly with grey or black wings with blue highlights

Scientific Names for Animals That Start With X

Finding common names that start with "x" for animals is challenging. However, when you start looking into scientific names, you find a few more options. Explore 20 unique scientific animal names that start with “x."

  • Xenarthra - superorder of mammals like sloths, anteaters and armadillos
  • Xenobalistes - the genus of triggerfish
  • Xenocephalus - the genus of bony fish
  • Xenocyprioides - the genus of cyprinid fish
  • Xenomys nelsoni - scientific name of Magdalena rat found in Mexico
  • Xenopterus naritus - scientific name of golden puffer fish
  • Xenopterygii - the name for bony fishes in the family Gobiesocidae
  • Xenopus - the genus of aquatic frogs in Africa
  • Xenosaurus - the genus of lizards
  • Xenotilapia - the genus of cichlid fish in Africa
  • Xerus - scientific name of an African ground squirrel with short ears and long tail
  • Xestochilus nebulosus - scientific name for species of eel
  • Xiphias gladius - swordfish’s scientific name
  • Xolmis dominicanus - the scientific name of white and black monjita bird, found in South America
  • Xyelacyba myersi - the scientific name for gargoyle cusk a type of eel
  • Xyliphius - banjo catfish genus
  • Xyrias - snake eel genus
  • Xystreurys - the genus of large tooth flounder fish

Animals That Start With X

Finding nouns that start with “x" is a challenge, especially if you are looking at the animal kingdom. However, there are a few common and scientific names starting with "x" out there. Keep your exploration of all things "x" going by looking at cities that start with "x." Discover even more words that begin with "x" using WordFinder by YourDictionary.