Sentence Examples

  • Violations, especially by those supplying alcohol to minors, should be dealt with severely.
  • All persons under the age of eighteen must complete and mail a consent of minors use of the ice park in the box below.
  • The total number of prisoners, including minors and inhabitants of enforced residences, which from 76,066 (284 per 1000 inhabitants) on the 31st of December 1871 rose to a maximum of 80,792 on the 31st of December 1879 (287 Der boo), decreased to a minimum of 60.621 in 1806 (T.on flPr 1000), and on the 31st of December 1898 rose again to 75,470 (2.38 per 1000), of whom 7038, less than one-tenth, were women.
  • Of these, 31,219 were in lockups, 25,145 in penal establishments, 1837 minors in government, and 4547 in private reformatories, and 307!
  • Deal with the abuses of the king's privilege of acting as guardian of minors and their lands.

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