Sentence Examples

  • - Skull of nestling Sparrow !'
  • Coast, is a pretty town nestling at the foot of the hills leading to the uplands of the interior.
  • The whole body is covered with a thick coat of short nestling feathers, pure white in colour.
  • The Canada jay, or "whisky-jack" (the corruption probably of a Cree name), seems to be of a similar nature, but it presents a still more sombre coloration, its nestling plumage, 3 indeed, being thoroughly corvine in appearance and suggestive of its being a pristine form.
  • The birthplaces of these persons are still known, and to this day there are sequestered villages, nestling near the western base of the Ghats, which are pointed to as being the ancestral homes of men who two centuries ago had political control over half India.