Sentence Examples

  • Gradually Matthew's suckling slowed and he fell asleep.
  • John Aubrey, the antiquary, chronicles that the sisters of Sir John Suckling, the courtier-poet, once went to the bowling-green in Piccadilly, crying, "for fear he should lose all their portions."
  • It is the well-known peculiarity of this order that the female has a pouch or fold of skin upon her abdomen, in which she can place the young for suckling within reach of her teats.
  • The goddess Fortuna here went by the name of Primigenia (First-Born, but perhaps in an active sense FirstBearer); she was represented suckling two babes, said to be Jupiter and Juno, and she was especially worshipped by matrons.
  • Her milk is abundant and rich, and during the operation of suckling, the mother floats in a slightly sidelong position, so as to allow of the necessary respiration in herself and her young.