Sentence Examples

  • After a nod of her head, Paulette's hand shot up and the auctioneer all but cheered as he looked about for another sucker, his voice sounding like an old Lucky Strike commercial.
  • 3 b) can be protruded, apparently by the force of the blood-pressure, and by means of this A bladder - acting as a sucker - the insect obtains firm hold on any surface which (After H.
  • The viscid pulp soon hardens, affording a protection to the seed; in germination the sucker-root penetrates the bark, and a connexion is established with the vascular tissue of the first plant.
  • The body is composed of a small and limited number of segments (not more than fourteen), and there is a sucker at each end of the body.
  • 14), and the presence of an anterior and posterior sucker, produce a looping mode of progression similar to that of a Geometrid larva.

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