Sentence Examples

  • Designate one end of the pool as the "safe zone" and have the minnows wait on the opposite end in the "minnow pond".
  • The shark waits in the center of the pool, but is not allowed to enter the minnow pond.
  • Except the Minnow group, north of Nossi-be, the rest are merely rocky islets, chiefly of coral.
  • In America the name bream is commonly given to the golden shiner minnow (Abramis chrysoleucus), to the pumpkin-seed sunfish (Eupomotis gibbosus), and to some kinds of porgy (Sparidae).
  • 4, F and G) from the rudd and minnow, the anterior flagellum is well-developed, and the free parts of both are of about equal length.