Sentence Examples

  • The finer mind of the nation, represented mainly by the prophets from Amos onward, had denounced unsparingly the superficial non-moral popular cult.
  • 29 f.), while it is a protest against a superficial current view, is not to be understood as a denial of all moral relations between successive generations.
  • The one species, from Western Australia, is the largest member of the family, being about the size of a rabbit, to which it bears sufficient superficial resemblance to have acquired the name of "native rabbit" from the colonists.
  • But the city, as a superficial inspection of the site shows, must have existed as a settlement long before Omri, as potsherds of earlier date lie scattered on the surface.
  • The deposits are superficial, resulting from the opening out of veins at the surface, and consist chiefly of haematite.

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