Sentence Examples

  • BOOK-SCORPION, or FALSE SCORPION, minute arachnids superficially resembling tailless scorpions and belonging to the order Pseudoscorpiones of the class Arachnida.
  • To complete the account of the relations of the organ: the right anterior corner can be seen superficially in the wall of the mantlechamber above the gill.
  • He did this fully and carefully in the gospels, but somewhat superficially in the epistles.
  • The flowers of all orchids, though extremely diverse within certain limits, and although superficially very different from those of other monocotyledons, are ° 1' all formed upon one common plan, which is only a modification of that observable in such flowers as those of the narcissus s ate/ S `?
  • To tin cast-iron articles they must be decarburetted superficially by ignition within a bath of ferric oxide (powdered haematite or similar material), then cleaned with acid, and tinned by immersion, as explained above.

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