Sentence Examples

  • In all that region of achievement the Chinese potters stood alone and seemingly unapproachable.
  • Jesus Himself cast out the demon, but not before the suffering child had been rendered seemingly lifeless by a final assault.
  • Seemingly the widespread Babylonian culture had not reached the Aegean peoples; yet these peoples cannot have been wholly ignorant of things with which commercial intercourse brought them in contact.
  • It had an exquisitely carved capital, and above that a light pillar, seemingly 10 ft.
  • He sets the Normans before us as a race specially marked by cunning, despising their own inheritance in the hope of winning a greater, eager after both gain and dominion, given to imitation of all kinds, holding a certain mean between lavishness and greediness - that is, perhaps uniting, as they certainly did, these two seemingly opposite qualities.

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