Sentence Examples

  • In that garb he'd make a better spectator than anything else.
  • Every Persian king was, at his accession, invested here, in the sanctuary of a warlike goddess (Anaitis ?), with the garb of Cyrus, and received a meal of figs and terebinths with a cup of sour milk (Plut.
  • With shaking hands, she dressed in the simple garb of a page and pulled her hood to cover her face.
  • After her husbands death the ambitious Hatshepsut assumed the full regal power; upon her monuments she wears the masculine garb and aspect of a king though the feminine gender is retained for her in the inscriptions.
  • Co.) Indian Costume Personal attire in India so far resembles a uniform that a resident can tell from a garb alone the native place, religion and social standing of the wearer.