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  • Alba, from albus, white), a liturgical vestment of the Catholic Church.
  • Parurae, grammata, aurifrisia, &c.), were usually four in number, one being sewn on the back and another on the front of the vestment just above the lower hem, and one on each cuff.
  • The growth of the lace industry in the 17th century hastened the process by leading to the substitution of broad bands of lace as decoration; occasionally, as in a magnificent specimen preserved at South Kensington, nearly half the vestment is thus Apparelled Alb in the South Kensington Museum.
  • It is sometimes also worn by clerics in minor orders, whose proper vestment is, however, the surplice - itself a modification of the alb (see Surplice).
  • The date of its definite adoption as a liturgical vestment is uncertain; at Rome - where until the 13th century it was known as the linea or camisia (cf.

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