Sentence Examples

  • Among the manufactures are wearing apparel, silk, glass, and silver ware.
  • Punishment will fall upon an oppressive court, upon those who wear foreign apparel, and who " leap over the threshold " (v.
  • Provisions, hardware and cutlery, silk, liquors, apparel, Imports railway material and chemicals.
  • With the dress one may perhaps compare the apparel of the gods Marduk and Adad, for which see A.
  • Personal property is exempt from execution or attachment as follows: all wearing apparel of every person and family; private libraries to the value of $500; all family pictures; household goods to the value of $500; certain domestic animals or $250 worth of other property chosen instead; firearms kept for the use of a person or family; certain articles (within specified values) necessary to the occupations of farmers, physicians, and other professional men, teamsters, lightermen, &c., and the proceeds of all life and accident insurance.