Sentence Examples

  • - Deacon in dalmatic, apparelled amice and alb.
  • These "apparelled albs" (albae paratae) continued in general use in the Western Church till the 16th century, when a tendency to dispense with the parures began, Rome itself setting the example.
  • At the present time, so far as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned, apparelled albs are only in regular use at Milan (Ambrosian Rite), and, partially, in certain churches in Spain.
  • There is no definite rule as to the material or character of the ornamentation, and attempts have been made, especially in England, to revive the use of the apparelled alb.
  • With her hair falling over her shoulders, which seems to have been her custom on great occasions), "upon a horse litter, richly apparelled," at her coronation.3 BIBLIOGRAPHY.

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