Summer Words to Vividly Describe the Season

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Updated May 5, 2021
summer words to describe season
    summer words
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Are you looking for the right words to describe summer? There are a ton of different ways to describe summer, from words that focus on hot weather activities to terms that describe the overall season. Discover a great collection of summer words that will help you find just the right way to express what you want to say about this time of year.

Printable Word List for Summer

If you're looking for an illustrated list of words to help youngsters master a few key summer terms, download the printable below. It's a great handout for summertime vocabulary words. You could also print and laminate the list to use as a colorful summer placement for the kids' table.

summer words list

Summer word list pictures

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The summer season is warm and wonderful. Get in the summertime groove with these fun summer vibe words. These "a" to "z" summer words provide options for every occasion.

  • air conditioner
  • bask in the sun
  • bounty
  • carefree
  • cookout
  • fan
  • flowers
  • gardening
  • festivals
  • fireworks
  • hammock
  • insects
  • lawnmower
  • parched
  • picnic
  • porch
  • pool toys
  • relaxation
  • sunbathing
  • sunburn
  • tall grass
  • outdoor dining
  • verdant
  • weeds
  • zinc oxide

Summer Weather Terminology

During summer, the weather is different from every other season of the year. Summer weather can range from super-hot temperatures in some areas to dangerous weather systems that cause widespread damage.

  • balmy
  • blistering
  • El Niño
  • heat
  • humidity
  • hurricane
  • La Niña
  • mild
  • muggy
  • named storms
  • oppressive
  • scorching
  • steamy
  • sticky
  • stifling
  • sultry
  • sun-drenched
  • sunny
  • sweltering
  • thunderstorm
  • tropical
  • tropical storm
  • tropical weather
  • warm breezes
  • wildfires

Words for Summer Apparel and Accessories

Knowing what words to use to describe the unique weather of summer is important, but it's also necessary to choose the proper clothing items to wear during summer weather conditions.

  • baseball cap
  • Bermuda shorts
  • flip flops
  • halter top
  • Hawaiian shirt
  • huaraches
  • maxi dress
  • mini skirt
  • polo top
  • running shorts
  • sandals
  • sarong
  • seersucker suit
  • short shorts
  • sneakers
  • straw hat
  • sundress
  • sun visor
  • sunglasses
  • tank top
  • tennis skirt
  • tote bag
  • tunic
  • walking shorts
  • wicking fabric

List of Summer Food and Flavors

Summer is the perfect time for chilled side dishes and desserts paired with fresh produce or seafood. Summertime flavors provide a feast of incredible tastes that can be explained using descriptive words for food.

  • barbecue
  • bell peppers
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • cantaloupe
  • chicken salad
  • crabs
  • crowder peas
  • corn on the cob
  • fresh fish
  • hamburgers
  • homemade ice cream
  • hot dogs
  • lemonade
  • oysters
  • pasta salad
  • peaches
  • popsicle
  • shrimp
  • snow cones
  • strawberries
  • summer squash
  • tomatoes
  • strawberry shortcake
  • watermelon

Words to Describe Summer Vacation

What says summer more than going on vacation? Check out this extensive list of beach words for summer terms related to a seaside or oceanfront destination, then consider other terms for fun-in-the-sun getaways.

  • adventure travel
  • birdwatching
  • boating
  • bungalow
  • cabin
  • cruise
  • deep sea fishing
  • family time
  • free time
  • hotel stays
  • lazy days
  • long weekends
  • National Parks
  • resort
  • road trip
  • roller coasters
  • RV camping
  • sightseeing
  • State Parks
  • summer camp
  • tent camping
  • theme parks
  • tourist attractions
  • train excursion
  • waterparks

Summer Sports, Games and Activities

Any sport, game or activity that is most fun when enjoyed outdoors provides a perfect way to pass the time during the summer.

  • backpacking
  • baseball
  • badminton
  • bicycling
  • canoeing
  • croquet
  • disc golf
  • diving
  • hiking
  • horseshoes
  • kayaking
  • mountain climbing
  • park visits
  • river tubing
  • rock climbing
  • running
  • softball
  • surfing
  • tennis
  • swimming
  • trampoline
  • tree climbing
  • volleyball
  • water polo
  • whitewater rafting

Summer Holidays and Observances

A few major holidays fall during the summer months, as well as some other festive occasions and interesting summertime observances. Learn the names of several special summer celebrations.

  • National Sunscreen Day - the Friday before Memorial day; also known as Fry Day
  • Memorial Day - last Monday in May
  • Father's Day - third Sunday in June
  • Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year; usually June 20 or 21
  • National Stay Out of the Sun Day - July 3
  • Independence Day - July 4
  • National Bikini Day - July 5
  • National Hot Dog Month- July
  • National Hot Dog Day - third Wednesday in July
  • National Hammock Day - July 22
  • National Roller Coaster Day - August 16
  • National Dog Day - August 26
  • Labor Day - First Monday in September

Using Words to Describe Summer

Whether you're discussing summer with friends or family or you're writing a summer poem focused on the warmest season of the year, it's important to use appropriate terminology. This list of words provides you with plenty of options to consider, though there are certainly other words related to the summer season. Be sure to explore these words to know to avoid a vacation disaster before setting off on a summer vacation. If you're writing about summer, be sure to follow the rules for proper capitalization of seasons in your writing.