Sentence Examples

  • The Schoolmen had no historical sense and little historical information; hence they fell into one error after another on the essentials in the rite of ordination.
  • The positive side of his teaching resembles in all essentials that of Arcesilaus (q.v.).
  • Microscopically their structure is the same in essentials as that of the coxal glands of Scorpio (13).
  • The essentials of proper oil pressing are a slowly accumulating pressure, so that the liberated oil may have time to flow out and escape, a pressure that increases in proportion as the resistance of the material increases, and that maintains itself as the volume of material decreases through the escape of oil.
  • Of the Nights differ from one another in points of language and style, in the order of the tales, and the division into nights, they are all so much at one in essentials that they must be regarded as derived from a single original.

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