Sentence Examples

  • If she had filled the need for a pet back then, would children have been as indispensable for her?
  • Indispensable to the student are H.
  • His thesis on that occasion was devoted to a question in organic chemistry, for he held the opinion that the study of chemistry is an indispensable preliminary to the pursuit of physics, which was his ultimate aim.
  • Indispensable: (1) Freedom of worship and liberty to preach the gospel according to the Word of God; (2) the restoration and maintenance of all the ancient charters, privileges, and liberties of the land; (3) the removal of all Spaniards and other foreigners from all posts and employments civil and military.
  • The family migrated to Italy in 1894, whilst Albert Einstein went to the Cantonschule at Aarau in Switzerland, where he passed the abiturienten examination, the indispensable preliminary to any professional career in Central Europe, two years later.

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