Sentence Examples

  • If she had filled the need for a pet back then, would children have been as indispensable for her?
  • Indispensable to the student are H.
  • His thesis on that occasion was devoted to a question in organic chemistry, for he held the opinion that the study of chemistry is an indispensable preliminary to the pursuit of physics, which was his ultimate aim.
  • Indispensable: (1) Freedom of worship and liberty to preach the gospel according to the Word of God; (2) the restoration and maintenance of all the ancient charters, privileges, and liberties of the land; (3) the removal of all Spaniards and other foreigners from all posts and employments civil and military.
  • I am, sir, if it should be positively indispensable to do so; not to be got rid of, that is; which I don't take to be the fact.

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