List of Powerful Leadership Words

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Updated April 29, 2020
Business pioneer working with co-worker
    Business pioneer working with co-worker
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When you're creating a resume or writing a personal statement, it can be important to include powerful leadership words. Not only do these words inspire employers to take a second look, but they can add firepower to your interview. Enjoy this list of leadership words that instantly add to your potential.

Leadership Words Describing Innovators

Innovators aren’t afraid of failure. Rather, they embrace it, since it's part of the process. Show the world you’re an innovator through these powerful leadership words.


You aren’t happy with the old standard, so you create your own. You're willing to look for new strategies and products to improve a company or process.


Thinking through your actions is your strong suit. Rather than go halfway, you will test a plan or project to ensure it will benefit everyone.



You're willing to take the lead and transform anything or anyone in your path to make them better. It's part of your determination to succeed.


Efficiency is key. No matter the situation or resource, you’ll cut out the waste to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


You don’t shy away from hard tasks. Instead, you revel in them by taking the lead to bring together the most effective elements.


Chaos is the kryptonite of a leader. Rather, this leadership word will show your ability to create order and structure.


You’re ready to take action. Not only do you take short-term initiatives, but you have a plan of action for long-term goals as well.


What you do has a purpose. You also excel at guiding and managing others.



Leaders aren’t working with outdated procedures and software. Instead, you can show people that you're a leader ready to take action by using modern methods and ideas.


You don’t let small failures stop you because you are working toward a greater goal. You have confidence and hopefulness your project or path will be a successful one.

Words Showing Traits of Leadership

Leaders have specific personality traits that are hard to deny. Not only are they motivated, but they motivate others. Explore other personality trait words of leaders.


Leaders aren't lazy. Instead, they look for a problem and work to fix it on their own.


In order to share your ideas, you need to believe in yourself.



Having a constructive attitude that is optimistic is catchy. Leaders project their positivity and optimism on to everyone they work with.


You accept your failures and grow from them. Not only do leaders take responsibility, but they realize that there is no “I” in team.


When you are passionate about something, it shows. Leaders love the work they do and are excited about it.


Good leaders keep it honest. They don’t use lying and cheating to get ahead.


You think about how your actions affect others and offer sympathy. It also works to drive you to focus on the feelings and needs of others.


True leaders accept feedback and criticism using it to improve themselves and their thinking. They put the needs of others before their own.



It’s important to collaborate with others, but it’s more important to collaborate with the right people. Leaders know how to choose the right people to help them succeed.


You're not a lone ranger in this journey. Instead, you give constant support to others and allow them to support you as well.

Leadership Words Showing a True Communicator

The ability to communicate effectively with others is pivotal to any leader. To show off your communicative prowess, you might choose from this list of powerful leadership words.


The old saying, “honesty is the best policy” couldn’t be more true for leaders. Show you respect them by being honest and upfront.


You know that your way isn’t always the right way. Practical leaders look at all the opinions and are fair and sensible in decisions.



You think of you and your team as one unit. Working together is how goals get accomplished.


Rather than keeping your skills to yourself, you give them to others. Leaders help to prop up the next generation by passing along their knowledge.


Leaders work to make others their best through constructive criticism and providing them with the best possible training. Only by empowering others can you have the best possible team.


It’s important to know what you want and how to convince others it’s important as well. Leaders use fair and firm communication to get what they want.


To succeed, you need to raise up all your team members and those around you. You use your charisma to ignite everyone around you.



You understand what it takes to get others moving. It might be bonuses, praise, or recognition.


From praise to recognition, leaders work to spur everyone around them forward. It’s important to give credit where credit is due.

Increasing Efficiency Leadership Words

You aren’t looking to waste time or effort. And that is just what you need to project to your audience through these powerful words to show efficiency.


Conserving time and money is important in many aspects of life. It’s important for leaders to show they aren’t wasteful.


This is the word companies and employees are definitely looking for in leaders. They want someone that can bring costs and waste down.


It’s important to yield results. If something isn’t working or is wasteful, you know when to try something new.



Being able to do something on time and within the budget is pivotal. Show off your efficiency as a leader by demonstrating your ability to work within financial constraints.


Whether they're giving in to an idea, product, or even person, show the world you know the power of making the right investment. That investment might even be yourself.


Leaders have the keen ability to look at a process and find ways to improve it. This is typically done by combining efforts to make a process more effective.


Those with the ability to lead are effective at getting rid of waste. Employers really like it when you use “decrease” with costs.


If you can show that you were able to improve outputs or profits, it demonstrates your capacity to lead. Boost can be a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.



You always want to improve. Even your best can be tweaked to make it better through training and education. The world wants leaders that are always looking to find ways to become better.


Do you encourage those around you? Whether you're inspiring those around you or stimulating a process, this is a trait of a great leader.

Research Prowess of Leaders

Another important trait of leadership is the ability to research. Not only are you researching for new and effective processes, but you are always analyzing current processes to find improvements. Dive into powerful leadership words related to research!


You look at a problem from all sides and try to see the best solution. You're also evaluating current methods to make sure they are the best.



Before leaders complete an action, they look at all the possible outcomes and solutions to make sure they found the best one.


Great leadership is all about finding solutions to problems you didn’t even know existed.


You’re always questioning whether this process is the best. You look to find and discuss other processes, ideas, or products that could be better. Leaders take the initiative to look to discuss even the oddest of solutions.


In your quest to find the best and most successful or efficient solution, you look at all sides or areas of a problem. You even check out what others are doing differently to see if it can make you more effective.


If you know that something isn’t working, you go above and beyond to find out why. Through research and studying, leaders look for improvements or new ideas.


It is easy to go off course. However, leaders always mark their progress to make sure this doesn't happen. Keeping track of your research and progress is important.


To make sure a solution is effective, you need to find some way to estimate or assess it.


By looking at the research and listening to the professionals, leaders are able to make reliable predictions for future trends. Being able to predict trends is what makes leaders indispensable to companies.


By doing a careful and thorough assessment, leaders ensure they have examined all sides. Leaders must be able to look at something critically.

Being a Powerful Leader

When it comes to words to show your leadership skills, there are several words you can't live without. Not only will these show your efficiency, but your research skills. And just to make sure all those leadership words get utilized appropriately, you might want to check out resume writing samples.