Sentence Examples

  • They hadn't traveled far down the trail before she got a peripheral view of the building.
  • While contemplating whether Freckles would be worth having to influence the other three or not, Jackson caught sight of someone in his peripheral vision.
  • Jenn appeared in his peripheral then crossed to sit at the bench across from him.
  • Microfilaria nocturna swarmed in the blood at night-time and disappeared from the peripheral circulation during the day, hiding away in the large vessels at the base of the lungs and of the heart.
  • Those who work with living forms of which it is possible to obtain a large number of specimens, and those who make revisions of the provisional species of palaeontologists, are slowly coming to some such conception as that a species is the abstract central point around which a group of variations oscillate, and that the peripheral oscillations of one species may even overlap those of an allied species.

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