Sentence Examples

  • This aggregation of genera and of endemic species is characteristic of the circumferential portions of the earths land surface: the expansion of the one and the further advance of the other is arrested.
  • The curve showing the circumferential (or longitudinal) changes was also plotted, and from the two curves thus obtained it was easy, on the assumption that the metal was isotropic in directions at right angles to the magnetization, to calculate changes of volume; for if circumferential elongation be denoted by 1 1, and transverse elongation by 1 2, then the cubical dilatation (40r -) = l l 2/ 2 approximately.
  • In the case of the ring in question, the circumferential changes were in weak fields less than twice as great as the transverse ones, while in strong fields they were more than twice as great; under increasing magnetic force therefore the volume of the ring was first diminished, then it regained its original value (for H=go), and ultimately increased.
  • It was also shown that annealing, which has such a large effect upon circumferential (or longitudinal) changes, has almost none upon transverse ones.
  • Considered by itself, with the cylinders held fixed, the vortex sets up a circumferential velocity m/r on a radius r, so that the angular momentum of a circular filament of annular cross section dA is pmdA, and of the whole vortex is pm7r(b2-a2).

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