Sentence Examples

  • In the case of the ring in question, the circumferential changes were in weak fields less than twice as great as the transverse ones, while in strong fields they were more than twice as great; under increasing magnetic force therefore the volume of the ring was first diminished, then it regained its original value (for H=go), and ultimately increased.
  • He first undertook a preliminary inquiry into the principles upon which flight depends, and established at Allegheny a huge "whirling table," the revolving arm of which could be driven by a steamengine at any circumferential speed up to 70 m.
  • The cyst should be treated like a liver-abscess, by incision through the abdominal or thoracic wall, by circumferential suturing and by exploration and drainage.
  • In the case of a culvert the circumferential rods are sometimes laid continuously in the form of a spiral as in the Bordenave system.
  • First in importance is the question of the position of the principal plane, passing through the sun, and containing the circumferential regions of the cloud.