Sentence Examples

  • Then, having spent three years in the desert with the hermit Banus, who was presumably an Essene, he became a Pharisee.
  • As for the author, he was no Essene, for he recognizes animal sacrifices and cherishes the Messianic hope; he was not a Sadducee, for he looks forward to the establishment of the Messianic kingdom (x.); nor a Zealot, for the quietistic ideal is upheld (ix.), and the kingdom is established by God Himself (x.).
  • Besides this he mentions an Essene Gate in Jerusalem (B.J.
  • But we are also told that " the Pharisees characterized the Essene as ` a fool who destroyed the world.'
  • ARISTO, of Pella, a Jewish Christian writer of the middle of the 2nd century, who like Hegesippus represents a school of thought more liberal than that of the Pharisaic and Essene Ebionites to which the decline of Jewish Christianity mainly led.

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