Sentence Examples

  • The blood is probably circulated by the general contraction of the whole animal, since it is very doubtful if there are any intrinsic muscles in the vessel-walls.
  • Aequitas), a term which in its most general sense means equality or justice; in its most technical sense it means a system of law or a body of connected legal principles, which have superseded or supplemented the common law on the ground of their intrinsic superiority.
  • He thus writes S+02=S02+7110o cal., which expresses the fact that the intrinsic energy of the quantities of sulphur and oxygen considered exceeds that of the sulphur dioxide derived from them by 71100 cal.
  • Of course only a few of the most prominent, either through the intrinsic merit of their work or through the influence they have had on that of their contemporaries, can be mentioned in a brief review like the present.
  • (12) Along the stream line xABPJ, 4) =o; and along the jet surface PJ, -1 >49> - oo; and putting 4 = -irs/c - I, the intrinsic quation is irs/c =cot 2 nO, (13) hich for n =I is the evolute of a catenary.

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