Sentence Examples

  • The officials had the broadest possible authority in all matters that concerned the blacks.
  • In the broadest sense the underlying principle of the struggle is the reassertion of interest in the world.
  • To the north, west and south, a flat coastal belt, bordering the Irish Sea, with its inlets Morecambe Bay and Solway Firth, and broadest in the north, marks off the Lake District, while to the east the valleys of the Eden and the Lune divide it from the Pennine mountain system.
  • We must therefore regard the law in question as the broadest and most fundamental one which nature makes known to us.
  • From front to back, and consists of two oblong rectangles; the foremost, placed transversely to the other, is the great hypostyle hall or pronaos, the broadest and loftiest part of the temple, measuring 135 ft.