Sentence Examples

  • For them, as for the Roman Church, there is a belief in a catholic or all-embracing Church, but the unity is not that of an organization; Christians are one through an indwelling spirit; they hold the same faith, undergo the same experience and follow the same purpose.
  • He looked on the age in which he lived as a period of transition, to be followed either by an " eclipse of faith " or by a " revival of Christianity in a wider aspect," a " catholic, comprehensive, all-embracing Christianity " that " might yet overcome the world.
  • The " day-view " (Fechner's) is the view that God is the psychophysical all-embracing being, the law and consciousness of the world.
  • The Unconscious is both Will and Reason and the absolute all-embracing ground of all existence.
  • It was otherwise with the control of foodstuffs, which was all-embracing.