Sentence Examples

  • Rhyn focused the little bit of magic he had remaining on the wood.  Fire sprang up.  With it, Rhyn felt a stitch of the seam binding his power snap.
  •   Rhyn was alone on the island sanctuary in his dreams and awoke to the feeling that his magic had slipped even more from its binding.  His body was hot from the inside out despite the cold rain falling in the forest.  The fire had died overnight.  He pushed the waterproof cloak off him.
  • He concentrated hard on wiping the blood from the wound she caused before binding it with a strip of linen from his tunic.
  • The substance of the claim to infallibility made by the Roman Catholic Church is that the Church and the pope cannot err when solemnly enunciating, as binding on all the faithful, a decision on a question of faith or morals.
  • Since concordats are contracts they give rise to that special mutual obligation which results from every agreement freely entered into; for a contract is binding on both parties to it.

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