Sentence Examples

  • Well, logic will tell you that Cinderella couldn't have sprinted home in time to meet her curfew in real glass shoes and Wonder Woman couldn't have made emergency landings in a breakable aircraft.
  • If other children are in the home, don't choose a fragile or breakable keepsake, as you want it to endure through the years, rather than end up in pieces days after it's received.
  • Guests are also encouraged to leave all loose, valuable, or breakable items such as cell phones, keys, cameras, and sunglasses in a locker or with a non-rider for safety.
  • If games may become active, all breakable items, trip hazards, and other obstacles should be removed from the area to be sure it is safe.
  • Giving a breakable tea set to a very young child isn't very practical, which is why you'll find so many toy tea sets made of plastic.