Sentence Examples

  • The queen set about to obtain a divorce, and used her influence for the return of Albany as a means of undoing her husband's power.
  • There was a danger that Garibaldis entourage, composed of ex-Mazzinians, might induce him to proclaim a republic ~~ir and march on Rome; which would have meant French intervention and the undoing of all Cavours work.
  • In the latter part of his career his main object was to raise the prestige of Russia by undoing the results of the Crimean War, and it may fairly be said that he in great measure succeeded.
  • The members and sympathizers of the party of reform who styled themselves " Young Turks," working largely from the European centres and from the different points in the Turkish Empire to which the sultan had exiled them for the purpose of repression - their relentless persecution by the sultan thus proving to be his own undoing - spread a powerful propaganda throughout the Turkish Empire against the old regime, in the face of that persecution and of the open and characteristic scepticism, and indeed of the hostile action, of some of the European powers.
  • Szechenyi had lost his reason some days before; Edtvds and Deak retired into private life; of the conservative ministers only Batthyány, to his undoing, consented to remain in office, though hardly in power.

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