Sentence Examples

  • According to a compilation of statistical returns published by Dr Francisco Latzina in 1901, the national revenues and expenditures for the 37 years from 1864 to 1900, inclusive, reduced to a common standard, show a total deficit for that period of $408,260,795 gold, which has been met by external and internal loans, and by a The bane of Argentine finance has been the extravagant and unscrupulous use of national credit for the promotion of schemes calculated to benefit individuals rather than the public. The large increase in military expenditures during the disputes with Chile also proved a heavy burden, and in the continued strife with Brazil for naval superiority this burden could not fail to be increased greatly.
  • I am your faithful slave and to you alone I can confess that my children are the bane of my life.
  • The bane of every holiday divers life is the air baggage allowance !
  • We find out... Injuries are the bane of any athlete.
  • Meetings are the bane of most people 's working lives.

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