Sentence Examples

  • The last word is woe for Edom.
  • Wide) and Norman's Woe,the scene of the wreck of the "Hesperus" (which has only tradition as a basis), celebrated in Longfellow's poem.
  • They are carried into battle to assist the tribe, are regularly anointed, fondled and invoked; for it is believed that the souls present in them are powerful to work weal and woe to friend and enemy respectively.
  • Must arise, but woe to him through whom they arise.
  • The startling saying, " Blessed are ye poor," followed by the woe pronounced upon the rich, might seem like a condemnation of the very principle of property; and when the Christian Church had come to be organized as a society containing rich and poor, the heart of the saying was felt to be more truly and clearly expressed in the words, " Blessed are the poor in spirit."