Sentence Examples

  • I assume our hosts have updated you on my affliction, if that's what I should call it.
  • My time of the month has passed without its usual affliction and I am dire fearful of the consequences of why this might be so.
  • My heart went out to the lonely man who ate the bread of affliction in Grub Street, and yet, in the midst of toil and cruel suffering of body and soul, always had a kind word, and lent a helping hand to the poor and despised.
  • I always laugh at these foolish notions, and assure my friends that it is much better to have a few faults and be cheerful and responsive in spite of all deprivations than to retire into one's shell, pet one's affliction, clothe it with sanctity, and then set one's self up as a monument of patience, virtue, goodness and all in all; but even while I laugh I feel a twinge of pain in my heart, because it seems rather hard to me that any one should imagine that I do not feel the tender bonds which draw me to my young sisters--the sympathies springing from what we have in common--youth, hope, a half-eager, half-timid attitude towards the life before us and above all the royalty of maidenhood.
  • By late 1760 Mary was in Portsmouth suffering an affliction she had for most of her life.

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