Sentence Examples

  • Near the town is Bad Helmstedt, which has an iron mineral spring, and the Lubbensteine, two blocks of granite on which sacrifices to Woden are said to have been offered.
  • Wednesday was assigned to the planet Mercury, the equivalent of the Germanic god Woden; Thursday to Jupiter, the equivalent of Thor; and Friday to Friga, the goddess of love, who is represented by Venus among the Romans and among the Babylonians by Ishtar.
  • FRIGG, the wife of the god Odin (Woden) in northern mythology.
  • It is traditionally supposed to occupy the site of a place of the worship of Woden or Odin, and the name of the town to be derived from this god through the form Wodensborough.
  • WODEN, a deity of the Anglo-Saxons, the name being the Anglo-Saxon counterpart of the Scandinavian Odin.

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