Sentence Examples

  • The new administration, notwithstanding Mr Gladstone's public utterances, declared their intention of retaining British sovereignty in the Transvaal, coupling with that decision a pious hope for the speedy accomplishment of confederation so as to allow of free institutions being given to Natal and the Transvaal.
  • Owing to the fact of his being unknown in London, to his exceptional courage and coolness, and probably to his experience in the wars and at sieges, the actual accomplishment of the design was entrusted to Fawkes, and when the house adjoining the parliament house was hired in Percy's name, he took charge of it as Percy's servant, under the name of Johnson_ He acted as sentinel while the others worked at the mine in December 1604, probably directing their operations, and on the discovery of the adjoining cellar, situated immediately beneath the House of Lords, he arranged in it the barrels of gunpowder, which he covered over with firewood and coals and with iron bars to increase the force of the explosion.
  • More extraordinary still was his knowledge of music - an accomplishment which seems to have been his earliest recommendation to Otto I.
  • She did not attempt anything further in 1553 than the repeal of Edward VI.s legislation and the accomplishment of the Spanish marriage.
  • Graduating at the top of her class at Yale Law School was a formidable accomplishment for Anna.

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