Sentence Examples

  • The following table, taken from the annual report of the Belfast Flax Supply Association, shows the quantities received from all sources into the different parts of the United Kingdom: - W, Wrack flax.
  • He watched explosions wrack his planet until they rose high enough that the toxic dust storm he'd started marred the surface of the planet from view.
  • The Latin word alga seems to have been the equivalent of the English word " seaweed " and probably stood for any or all of the species of plants which form the C/assifl- " wrack " of a seashore.
  • GPW, Grey picked wrack flax.
  • Sea-aster flourishes in the Wadden of Friesland and Groningen, the Dollart and the Zeeland estuaries, giving place nearer the shore to sandspurry (Spergularia), or sea-poa or floating meadow grass (Glyceria maritima), which grows up to the dikes, and affords pasture for cattle and sheep. Along the coast of Overysel and in the Biesbosch lake club-rush, or scirpus, is planted in considerable quantities for the hat-making industry, and common sea-wrack (Zostera marina) is found in large patches in the northern half of the Zuider Zee, where it is gathered for trade purposes during the months of June, July and August.