Sentence Examples

  • Whether snowboarding, skateboarding, or engaging in general wild feats, Dirty Dog fans anticipate danger, which is why they need sunglasses that will not crack, shatter, or shrink in terror as they descend the skate ramp.
  • They have a huge selection of clipons that are made from the highest quality polycarbonate, are extremely lightweight, shatter resistant, and provide 100 percent UVA and UVB sun protection.
  • Lenses generally will give you at least some degree of protection from the elements, debris, and so on, but when shopping for lenses, you need to make sure that they won't easily shatter.
  • Scary videos of authentic ghosts shatter all of those things that used to bring us comfort as children, so many people resort to belittling the evidence or joking about the phenomenon.
  • Not only will the debris not make it into your eyes, but the lenses themselves will not shatter; they'll crack in a spiderweb fashion at the most, and even that is hard to accomplish.