Sentence Examples

  • The towels on the towel rack appeared to have their creases ironed into them.
  • He placed the sword in a rack with others and exited into the night.
  • To work with a wheel of any other figure, its section must be a rolling curve, subject to the condition that the perpendicular distance from the pole or centre of the wheel to a straight line parallel to the direction of the motion of the rack shall be constant.
  • Sliding Contact (direct): Teeth of Wheels, their Number anc PitchThe ordinary method of connecting a pair of wheels, or wheel and a rack, and the only method which ensures the exaci maintenance of a given numerical velocity ratio, is by means of i series of alternate ridges and hollows parallel or nearly parallel t(the successive lines of contact of the ideal smooth wheels whon velocity ratio would be the same with that of the toothed wheels The ridges are called teeth; the hollows, spaces.
  • In order that a pair of wheels, or a wheel and a rack, may work correctly together, it is in all cases essential that the pitch should be the same in each.

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