Sentence Examples

  • And my valet can go in your carriage.
  • The valet, returning to the cottage, informed the count that Moscow was burning.
  • In 1672 Saint-Mars proposes - the significance of this action is discussed later - to allow Dauger to act as "valet" to Lauzun; Louvois firmly refuses, but in 1675 allows him to be employed as valet to Fouquet, and he impresses upon Saint-Mars the importance of nobody learning about Dauger's "past."
  • The story is that his valet who preceded him wrote "est" on the doors of all the inns where good wine was to be had, and that here the inscription was thrice repeated.
  • The necklace was given up. Rohan took it to the countess's house, where a man, in whom Rohan believed he recognized a valet of the queen, came to fetch it.