Sentence Examples

  • An instance of the latter is furnished by John of Margat, a vassal of the seignory of Arsuf.
  • The vassal was bound to pay military service, not, as in western Europe, for a limited period of forty days, but for the whole year - the Holy Land being, as it were, in a perpetual state of siege.
  • Josiah at once interposed; it is uncertain whether, in spite of the power of Egypt, he had hopes of extending his kingdom, or whether the famous reformer was, like Manasseh, a vassal of Assyria.
  • In May 1223 he was seized at midnight in his tent on the isle of Lyo, whither he had come to hunt, by his vassal and guest.
  • It has entirely escaped Islam, and though it is a nominal vassal of China, direct Chinese influence has not been strong.