Sentence Examples

  • An instance of the latter is furnished by John of Margat, a vassal of the seignory of Arsuf.
  • The vassal was bound to pay military service, not, as in western Europe, for a limited period of forty days, but for the whole year - the Holy Land being, as it were, in a perpetual state of siege.
  • It proved to be easier to hold the lord responsible for the public duties of all his dependants because he was the king's vassal and by attaching them as conditions to the benefices which he held, than to enforce them directly upon every subject.
  • Al-Masan, the son of Mahommed, sought help from the emperor, and was restored in 1535 as a Spanish vassal, by a force which Charles V.
  • By this step the pope became his vassal, and a divided allegiance was rendered impossible for the German clergy.