Sentence Examples

  • The house of Holkar remained faithful to its engagements with the British government, and its position as a feudatory of the empire was maintained.
  • In 1905 the greater part of Sambalpur district, with the feudatory states of Bamra, Rairakhol, Sonpur, Patna and Kalahandi, were transferred to Bengal, while the feudatory states of Chang Bhakar, Korea, Surguja, Udaipur and Jashpur were transferred from Bengal to the Central Provinces.
  • The count was about to pass into the feudatory stage.
  • When, at the end of 1661, a more stable administration was set up with Michael Apaffy (1661-1690) as prince, Transylvania had descended to the rank of a feudatory of the Turkish empire.
  • Bastar is divided into two portions - that held by the Raja or chief himself, and that possessed by feudatory chiefs under him.