Sentence Examples

  • In fact, they held a tenderness she had never seen.
  • 4) the island on condition of a tribute, which was hardly paid by Theodoric. Sicily was now ruled by a Gothic count, and the Goths claimed to have treated the land with special tenderness (Procopius, Bell.
  • "I'm just happy you're alive," he said, touching her face in an unexpected display of tenderness Lana studied his chiseled features, which didn't seem capable of much emotion at all.
  • Her heart was in everything she did, and she'd loved him back with both tenderness and passion.
  • Nor could Shakespeare have failed to bring out with greater variety and distinctness the dramatic features in Henry VII., whom Ford depicts with sufficient distinctness to give some degree of individuality to the figure, but still with a tenderness of touch which would have been much to the credit of the dramatist's skill had he been writing in the Tudor age.

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