Sentence Examples

  • Whether it's through a stuffed turkey tenderloin, a turkey stew served over hot rice or a new variation of healthy comfort food featuring ground turkey as its base, bring more turkey to your table; don't just wait for Thanksgiving.
  • If using frozen pastry with two sheets in the package, press the edges together to make one sheet before rolling the dough out to a rectangle large enough to completely enclose the tenderloin.
  • While true carpaccio is made from raw tenderloin, this recipe requires a little bit of cooking, which is ideal for those who are concerned about eating raw beef.
  • For pork tenderloin or chicken, I might go for a zesty chardonnay with richer oak components so that can play in nicely with the smoke flavors, too.
  • The filet mignon was once cut only from shorter most tender tip of the tenderloin but now any cut from the tenderloin is considered a filet mignon.