Sentence Examples

  • I want to protect and cherish you.
  • When the World War broke out Enver began to cherish strategical ambitions.
  • Though in favour of national reform he continued to cherish a strong feeling of loyalty to the royal family, and on the trial of Marie Antoinette in 1793 bore testimony in her favour.
  • His studies both in English and foreign speculation led him to cherish the design also of making some worthy contribution to philosophy.
  • But if we assume that he was the aboriginal Hellenic High God, we must be quite ready to admit that the separate communities were always liable to cherish other divinities with a more ardent and closer devotion, whether divinities that they brought with them or divinities that they found powerfully established in the conquered lands, Athena or Hera, for instance, in Attica or Argolis, or Poseidon in the Minyan settlements.