Sentence Examples

  • It disturbed the most cherished traditions and the most sacred themes.
  • For his old patrons of the house of Medici Ficino always cherished sentiments of the liveliest gratitude.
  • With every look – every touch, he cherished her.
  • In the jubilee year 1825 he was selected by his fellowstudents at the Collegium Romanum to head a deputation to Pope Leo XII., whose memory he subsequently cherished and whose name he assumed in 1878.
  • Lord Ashley now retired into Holland, where he became acquainted with Le Clerc, Bayle, Benjamin Furly, the English Quaker merchant, at whose house Locke had resided during his stay at Rotterdam, and probably Limborch and the rest of the literary circle of which Locke had been a cherished and honoured member nine or ten years before.