Sentence Examples

  • He squeezed her harder, and she opened her eyes, watching the forsaken book burn.
  • A great darkness shrouded the scene for three hours, and then, in His native Aramaic, Jesus cried in the words of the Psalm, " My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?"
  • After a lapse of twelve years, however, he appeared once more in his forsaken field as a deputy to the Corps Legislatif.
  • The editors of Averroes complain that the popular taste had forsaken them for the Greek.
  • 19 Athene (" the Athenian one ") was primarily the guardian spirit of Athens, and at the Erechtheum her sacred serpent (apparently known to the 3rd century A.D.), was fed monthly with honeycakes; when, during the Persian War, it left the food untouched it was taken as a sign that the protectors had forsaken the city20 At Lebadeia in the shrine of Trophonios (to whom serpents were sacred) offerings of honey cakes were made to an oracular serpent.

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