Sentence Examples

  • He now renounced all further efforts on the Pretender's behalf.'
  • In 1 533 it was raised to a margraviate by the emperor Charles V., and wds held by various families until in 1799 it passed, through the Sultzbach branch of the Wittelsbachs, to the royal house of Bavaria, by whom it was renounced in favour of the Batavian republic in 1801.
  • But in 1861 the British government renounced all claim to the islands in recognition of Japan's right of possession.
  • These words were calculated to inflame a people whom history proves to have been haughty and high-spirited, and the great Israel renounced its union with the small district of Judah.
  • By the same treaty France renounced its sphere of influence on the right bank of the Mekong.