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  • It was also called Hakeptah, "Residence of the ka of Ptah," and this name furnishes a possible origin for that of Egypt (A'lyvirros).
  • 8), and join DE, meeting KA, LB, and MC in H, J, and W.
  • The process of transvection is connected with the operations 12; for?k (a m b n) = (ab)kam-kbn-k, (x y x y or S 2 k (a x by) x = 4))k; so also is the polar process, for since f k m-k k k n - k k y = a x by, 4)y = bx by, if we take the k th transvectant of f i x; over 4 k, regarding y,, y 2 as the variables, (f k, 4)y) k (ab) ka x -kb k (f, 15)k; or the k th transvectant of the k th polars, in regard to y, is equal to the kth transvectant of the forms. Moreover, the kth transvectant (ab) k a m-k b: -k is derivable from the kth polar of ax, viz.
  • Is said to have conquered the Shasu, or Arabian nomads, from the fortress of Taru (Shur?) to " the Ka-n-`-na," and Rameses III.
  • It was with them that the Moslem theology - the science of the word (Ka/dm) - first came into existence.

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