Sentence Examples

  • When Martha did have a few free hours, she and my wife scoured every auction or antique shop for miles around, like two kids on a treasure hunt.
  • We have lived here for at least a part of all four seasons now and treasure our residence and life together, all three of us.
  • A vamp who could track Others was an invaluable treasure, especially if Charles could also track the sneaky little Watchers.
  • And because some little snot-nose has a vivid imagination, or thinks it's fun to tell whoppers, I'm supposed to go traipsing off in some god-forsaken mine on the taxpayer's expense on a treasure hunt?
  • Dean didn't turn around to view the next potential treasure but loaded his arms with two boxes—a "bloody" axe, grotesque mask, assorted bric-a-brac—and crossed to his vehicle.

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